Common Employer Questions
Common Job Seeker Questions

How much does it cost a job publication?

See the pricing page for information on the cost and duration of job publishing. If you want another job package, do not hesitate to contact us to create your own job / job package.

Create business profile.

Jobmap  gives  you the ability to create your own business profile for free, where you can present your business history and business, complete with audiovisual material (photos and videos), employer reviews, jobs, payroll information. This enables job-seekers to get a detailed picture of your business before submitting their application and greatly improve your percentage of attracting ideal candidates.

At the same time creating a Business Profile allows you to post your first ad completely free of charge as well as obtain

 Choose between Job ad packages on Basic, Classic, Premium Packages

Creating a job ad.

JobMap enables you to easily and quickly create one or more jobs (ads) according to your needs. You can create a job by either clicking on Adding a new profile or Adding a job to the home page.

You will be required to fill in the job title and the job description (Please see instructions to help you in the job description), the job category, the type (full-time / part-time) and the address. You can also fill in the CV email fields, expiration date, salary, salary type (monthly, etc.) and currency.

What is the difference between Featured Jobs and Standard Posts?

Featured Jobs are displayed for the specified number of days purchased, in email subscribers as well as in social media pages Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Jobs are displayed under Featured Jobs.

Featured jobs are listed first in the jobmap.gr (above all jobs), as well as at the top of all relevant search results. Featured jobs receive the largest exposure and they are distinguished from other jobs by the pink star appeared above left from the job posting.

For posting a featured job (or to convert a standard job to a featured), you need to post a job and then convert it to featured job. So follow these steps: Dash board > All Jobs > Action > Make Featured

How do I post a job?

Just click the Add Job / Post a job button at the top of each page and create your job. Fill in all required fields by entering as much detail as possible.

Then, look at the job post appearance by clicking Save and Preview. If you need to make changes, you can choose to edit the post further. If you are happy with what it looks like, go ahead and publish it by clicking the Post button. We remind you that all ads are saved and you can search them in your profile dashboard.

The Post Page is where you will pay for your work. If you have a discount code, you can enter it here and the discount will be immediately reflected in the price. Enter your credit card information or choose from a card you have previously saved. For security reasons, we do not store credit card information on our server.

If you need to return later to complete the payment, do not worry – your job is saved. See “How can I finish a post I started but did not finish?” Formoreinformation.

How do I edit an active published job?

Go to your “All Jobs” section of your profile and click “Edit” next to the job you want to modify.

How can I finish a post job post I started but did not finish?

After previewing and publishing an ad, you can access it at any time by going to your “All Jobs” section of your profile. You can select Edit.

Keep in mind that if you leave the Create or Edit page without saving your job post, your work items will NOT be saved and should be reverted from scratch.

How do I search for CVs?

The jobmap.gr CV of CVs is continuously enriched with CVs of candidates for work. In order to maintain the privacy of jobseekers and to limit access to their personal information (as much as possible), access to the CV is only available to companies, HR professionals and company recruitment managers. For this reason, access to CVs for job applicants is only available to businesses with an active account.

How do I change the business profile password?

Go to “dashboard” and select “Edit my Profile”. You can change your password by entering the old and new code.

Can I get in touch with Jobmap.gr?

At jobmap.gr, we care about you as well as your need to find a job in the easiest, quickest and most effective way.

I am Vasilis, founder of Jobmap.gr, and you can contact me daily by phone 2431304044 or by e-mail info@jobmap.gr.

I will be happy to talk to you!

Please contact us if you weren’t able to find an answer to your question. We’re happy to help!