Term And Conditions

Jobmap welcomes you to its website.

Please read this page carefully. These terms and conditions are the entire agreement between Jobmap and the user / visitor (natural or legal person) regarding this site. Any use of our site implies your consent and acceptance to the following detailed terms and conditions, including privacy policy, as well as any changes or modifications that may be made in the course of the legality, good faith and conduct of business. These terms and conditions cover all existing services provided by Jobmap, as well as any new ones that they want to include on their site. A prerequisite for the use of this site is the commitment on the part of the user / visitor to not use it for any illegal purpose. In the event of any objection by the user / visitor to any point (s) of the site being requested as he does not use it, he is encouraged to contact us to disclose his objections in order to be appreciated by our company. The user’s stay on the pages of this site, as well as the use of any information provided through these pages, implies unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Identity – Purpose
JobMap is an individual company with the distinctive “Βασίλειος Τσεκούρας, Providing Internet Services – Jobmap” and based in Trikala, Thessaly. The purpose of the jobmap.gr is to serve as a meeting point for work needs in Greece, the EU. and abroad. Any kind of communication that develops through or through the services of the site must be moved in this context. Jobmap.gr does not participate in any way in the agreement between the two parties (Business and Candidates). Users contribute directly to each other for the services they choose. Jobmap.gr has no control or responsibility for the behavior of the users of the website (Businesses and Candidates) or any third party that makes use of the site and disclaims any liability.

The information provided on the site is purely informative and / or promotional and in no way can it be considered as suggestions, tips or suggestions to the user / visitor.

2. General and Acceptable Terms of Use
The use of the site’s services is only available to adults acting for themselves or as legitimate representatives of companies for the purpose of looking for a job or staff. A binding condition is for the user to use the information material lawfully in a manner that does not violate any of the terms of this agreement and is used for private use only. Indicatively and without limitation, the user agrees to use the site in a non-harmless and non-offensive manner to another user or third party, not to use the site to acquire, alter or disseminate personal or third party personal data; and will not compromise the security and proper functioning of the site. It is forbidden to copy part or all of the site. Its use should be made in a lawful, bona fide manner and within the agreed use between the company and the user, which is specified in these terms and conditions of the service contract. Every use of the services of jobmap.gr, access to information, website pages, use of resources and contact addresses, use of form, push button with the words “Send”, “Yes”, “OK” and contact by e-mail , fax, mail or telephone requires the full and unconditional acceptance of all terms mentioned in these terms.

For the use of the Jobmap.gr Services you must:

  • Keep all information secure and confidential at all times, including without limitation, communication and conversations between you and users and all information related to the communication process.
  • Keep strictly personal use of Jobmap.gr services
  • Please update Jobmap.gr immediately if you suspect or suspect that a user (Enterprise, Candidates) has breached any of the Terms.

In addition, you acknowledge and agree that Jobmap.gr, in its sole discretion, retains the ability to delete your Profile from the Website when some uploaded information or any other action no longer meets the standards required by professionals in Website, after prior written notice to you.

Functions of Jobmap.gr for businesses:

  • Business profile with full details (logo, history, activity, photos, videos).
  • Business Profile Checklist.
  • Ads Management
  • Search, Manage and Evaluate Candidates’ Curriculum Vitae.
  • Suggestions for Ideal Candidates from Jobmap according to your business profile.
  • Select an Aggregate Package and CVs according to your needs.
  • Promotion of ads on search engines.
  • Promotion of ads on social media (social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Register and promote ads in Newsletter.
  • Updating and providing access to CVs of candidates interested in working in your business.

The charge of Jobmap.gr operations to businesses is detailed in our Ads, Basic and Premium Packages and Jobmap.gr reserves the right to change them at any time.

Functions of Jobmap.gr for the candidates:

  • Create a candidate profile and online CV.
  • Candidate Profile Checklist.
  • Search for ads – jobs and businesses.
  • Save job (ads) to Favorites.
  • Follow on businesses that interest you and update on the existence of advertisements by businesses in the future.
  • Create Job Alert.
  • Suggestions for ideal jobs according to the qualifications of your resume.
  • Ability to send jobs that interest you in an online CV or appended CV from your computer or even through LinkedIn.
  • Managing Entered Application / Job Ads – Ads.
  • Functions of Jobmap.gr to the candidates are free of charge.

We remind you that Jobmap.gr does not recruit and has no responsibility for the outcome of the communication, contact or cooperation between the Company and the Candidates. JobMap.gr is a platform for promoting, advertising and publishing business, ads and candidate profiles. The responsibility of choosing a candidate, communicating with him and his / her legitimate employment relationship and dealing with him / her is solely for business.

3. Curriculum database
Especially for users / subscribers who have access to the CV database, the company takes care of their unhindered access to it by using their confidential code in the context of the lawful and agreed use. In particular, it is responsible for its proper operation, maintenance of the database, correction of errors, proper data transmission, enrichment and renewal. In the context of the intellectual property protection provisions from which the base is protected and the right of a specific nature, users / subscribers are not allowed to disclose the confidential passcode or grant the right to use which they enjoy free of charge or for a consideration to a third party. The right of access to the resume database is the result of a service contract and is exclusively intended to meet the strictly private needs or needs of the company, the contractor / subscriber. It is forbidden to export and / or reuse all or part of the CV database, as well as any other exploitation of the database affecting the rights of the manufacturer or the rights of the processors. “Export” means the permanent or temporary transfer of all or a substantial part of the contents of the database to another medium by any means or in any form, and “reuse” means any form of distribution to the public of all or a substantial part of the contents of the base data by distribution of copies, hiring, transmission by direct communication or in other forms. Repeatedly and systematically extracting and / or re-utilizing even insubstantial parts of the contents of the CV database may not be repeated and / or re-used insofar as such use is made in a way that adversely affects the legitimate interests of the owner-maker of the database. The user with the service agreement only acquires the right to use the base, no license or contract for exploitation is granted. It is allowed to print or store the results of the search on the personal computer, as well as to create a limited number of copies of the base for the internal needs of its business. In this case, it should inform the processors about the details of the controller (and, where applicable, the processor) and the Data Protection Officer (with the contact telephone number visible), the purposes of the processing, the retention period of the data and if the data will be shared with third parties, in what context and for what purposes. They should also disclose their rights and how to practice them and proceed with further processing only if the subject has given his full consent. In any case, CV users / subscribers must act within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, both in a functional and in an informed manner.

4. Limitations of use – prohibitions
It is expressly forbidden to transmit, distribute, disseminate, place, present, upload, etc. postscript, racist, defamatory, misleading, obscene, and in general material that violates the rights of the consumer, other users and this site, and in particular those rights, relating to the protection of human dignity, honor and reputation, privacy, minors and professional reputation. It is not desirable from any point of the written position concerning religious, national, personal characteristics, political opinions, racial or other discrimination or more general elements that offend or violate the personality of the candidates or the reputation of the enterprises. Any action by the user that is aimed at threatening or harassing third parties, disclosing personal and third party data to legal or natural persons and generally using the site for purposes other than those for which it was created and operated is expressly prohibited. All users have access to our services at their own risk and are required to have access in a bona fide nature. Any use of the Services for purposes other than those declared, access to non-public information, attempts to tamper with information, unauthorized control of the system, unnecessary resource burden, harassment of other users, or other action directed against jobmap.gr with or without the use of special means will be perceived as a breach of confidentiality of communication and / or trafficking, and prosecution of any involved offender will be sought.

5. Services and charges
The services provided by jobmap.gr are limited to those described or referenced. The company does not assume any financial or other obligation to third parties required to use or access its services. The above services are encouraged to use all the personnel selection companies, as well as organizations or institutions that support the job seekers in Greece. All users / visitors can browse freely on the Jobmap site under the terms and conditions of this contract, be informed about job search, job search, volunteering, advertisements and any service offered by our site. Services for ordinary tourists and job applicants are free of charge. The user is allowed free of charge, to place his or her CV on the site or to create a profile and manage it completely in content, as well as to allow or restrict third party access to part or all of the information it contains. The services that are subject to charge and which the site provides are described in the respective billing tables and constitute, including the other terms, the product of the parties, ieJobmap Ltd. and the customer, a natural or legal person. In view of the above agreement, a service contract is concluded by filling in and sending the special form on our website. An integral part of the Service Agreement is the present terms and conditions contract for the use of the site. The marketability of the services of jobmap.gr is described only by the traffic statistics of the site as recorded by the system that serves its function. Relevant figures are provided by the executives of our company only after personal contact with the interested parties. These figures are only quantitative and do not include any kind of qualitative or other features. Changes in charges apply as of their publication.

6. Company’s rights and liability
The company may refuse to grant a password or cancel a password or terminate service provision to the user and refuse any current or future use of the site or CV database in case of breach of these terms and conditions of use or of the law or the Of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The user agrees that he is solely responsible for the content of any document he places on the Website and for any consequence, damage, damage, or damage resulting from the placement of this document to the Company, other users or third parties. Both the mission and the contents of the CVs are the responsibility of the users – candidates. Users are in no way encouraged to include sensitive personal data in their resumes. If that happens, the company is not responsible for any matter that may arise with regard to the information they have provided. The companies / companies that enjoy the services of the website give the company the right to use their name and logo to serve the needs of attracting candidates and promoting its services. Any use by users of any name or logo is prohibited on the site without the prior consent of the company or any other copyright holder. The user binds and declares unreservedly that the information he or she declares when registering or placing an order is true, complete and valid and ensures that it remains in future transactions. In addition, he agrees to use the relevant access provided by the website to modify his or her data whenever they change. Otherwise, JobMap has the right to suspend or terminate its account and not allow any current or future use of the services (or part thereof). JobMap is not responsible for the use of credit cards by adults or minors without the prior approval of the holder.

7. Website security – limitation of liability
The company constantly checks our technicians to ensure safe and unobtrusive use of the website for its users, free of malware (eg viruses) and possible arbitrary access to personal user information. Because there is no infallible security system, the company can not guarantee that its efforts at all times will be completely successful on its website and its hosting provider. In this regard, it is not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused to a user as a result of his unsuccessful attempts and it is pointed out that the user is required to take all necessary security and protection measures for his system. The company declares responsibly that it does not know – it keeps any information about your credit card where it is used in the process of completing the order. The user’s choice to use his credit card automatically leads to a secure Viva Payments website. All data required and used from there to the completion of the charge are maintained by Viva Payments according to the operating rules governing such transactions.

8. Company responsibility for information
Our site includes information whose company is not responsible for checking the validity and availability. The consequence of this is that the company is not responsible for any untrue information that may be included on its website and the user is encouraged to check the information itself and its use.

9. Links to other sites
As part of the services provided by our company, this site is likely to refer through links or through posted ads or banners to other websites whose providers have full responsibility for the lawfulness, security and validity of the content of these websites. Users are required to comply with the terms of use of these websites and the company assumes no responsibility for anything that arises from their use. In addition, users are required to comply with the terms of use of these websites.

10. Protection of intellectual property and other distinctive features
Except for specific rights of third parties expressly recognized (intellectual and other), for the protection of which third parties bear sole responsibility, all material contained in this site at any time, including but not limited to the content, design, layout, texts, software, data, programs, illustrations, texts, graphics, services and generally any kind of file as well as distinctive features otypon, trade names and brands, is the exclusive property of the company Jobmap and is protected by Greek, European and international law. This content may not be wholly or partly reproduced, copied, modified, reproduced, relayed, or transmitted or distributed in any way by users unless written authorization has been given by the company or any other copyright holder rights. Any user use of any third party name or logo displayed on the site is prohibited without the prior consent of the company or any other copyright holder.

11. Privacy
Within the framework of its purpose, the Company hereby notifies through this contract and through this page the privacy policy of the company, which is an integral part of this contract, that it collects personal data of the user. The user agrees that the company may always keep and process such data in order to protect it legally and in good faith and in the conduct of business for the purposes which it has submitted to jobmap.gr, as well as with those mentioned in the privacy policy of our site. All communications, data forwarding or data mining, data processing, and any other process that begins, ends or includes the functions of jobmap.gr must comply with both the relevant legislation and the General Data Protection (EU) ) 2016/679.

12. Solution and suspension of services
The Company may modify, suspend or discontinue part or all of the services and conditions of use without notice if it considers that the user / visitor has violated any of the terms of this agreement or provision of the law or the General Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 and its liability is limited to the return of unused and prepaid services.The Company reserves the right to discontinue access to the database or to terminate unilaterally the termination contract, whose (service contract) is an integral part of this contract with the terms and conditions of use in the event of non-payment of arrears of a debt within a specified period to refer to the service contract or other failure to comply with the terms of the contract.

13. Indemnification
The user agrees that if his actions cause damage to the Company in any way he is liable to indemnify him or her and to intervene in favor of the Company or against any claim against it, including the lawyer’s fees and any costs arising from unlawful or unconventional action. In the event that a user / visitor to the services of the website or the CV database is a representative of a business, it is presumed that the business agrees to these terms and therefore becomes liable to indemnify our company and its employees for any claim arising out of the use of the services or violation of contractual terms, including lawyers’ fees and expenses that may arise from the above mentioned behavior. In any case, the user agrees to act unlawfully or in contradiction with the present terms and the legal framework governing the use of the website that will compensate the company for any positive and / or potential damage suffered by its unlawful or unconventional action, as well as by a document which he placed on the website.

14. Applicablelaw and jurisdiction
The use of the site is governed by General Data Protection (EU) Regulation 2016/679, the provisions of Greek, European and international law, which are binding on the user / visitor, as well as for our company, who must respect the laws and rules of law relating to intellectual property, the protection of personal data, trademark law, privacy and consumer protection provisions, as well as thora other provisions governing the use and operation of websites. The above provisions also govern this contract and the individual service contracts concluded with clients of the company – employers. The company respects all the above rules of law of the Greek, European and international legal order, as well as the right of informative self-determination and informative self-determination of the user within the framework of the Constitution of Greece. Any provision of the above terms is contrary to the law automatically ceases to apply without in any way affecting the validity of the others. Responsible for resolvingdisputesarising in connectionwith the aboveare the competenttribunals of Trikala.