What is the cover letter?

Cover letter is the document that always accompanies a CV when sent to a business and is always placed before the curriculum vitae. The purpose of this letter is to attract interest from the employer to read the curriculum vitae.

The cover letter should not exceed one page A4 and should include the following:

  1. Indicates the name of the candidate
  2. Indicates the date of dispatch of the letter and curriculum vitae
  3. It is addressed to a specific addressee (business and person)
  4. Indicates the source of information about the position or position of the job preference if there is no published advertisement
  5. Shows very succinctly the candidate’s knowledge and skills by highlighting his strengths
  6. Explains the knowledge and interest in working in this job / business
  7. It is in the form of a professional letter
  8. Proposes contact with the candidate